Hello     I am an artist/engineer making art for the past 25 years
Art feeds my soul and I enjoy the process of experimenting, learning techniques, and trying different combinations of mediums. My art is about 90% by volume recycled material.
My art is based on imperfection, chance, perhaps something familiar, stability, durablity, water resistant... Of course as we do our bodies, limiting the art piece to direct sunlight is suggeseted.
Custom Art Frames for Sale
Choose a Photo or send a digital image or print and I will install it in a custom Art Frame (options: color, size)
The Art Frame is a canvas that uses my crack pour technique, resin is applied to the top of the print to seal the image. Note: resin is not like glass/arylic in how it looks with a photo print, there will be reflections, some air bubbles, but the image will be sealed... its an Art Piece
"Inspired by Kona", mixed media, 2022, $500* ~3ft x 1.5ft, *does not include shipping
"33% Chance", mixed media, 2021, $600* ~2ft x 3ft, *does not include shipping
"Bubbling Up", mixed media, 2020, $1000* ~4ft x 3ft, *does not include shipping
"Another Planet", mixed media, 2022, $500* ~2.5ft x 3ft, *does not include shipping
"Starfish", mixed media, 2022, $750* Diameter~2.5ft, *does not include shipping
getting in touch is easy.
Call/Text Me 949-235-8975